Schedule of Appearances

Jul / Aug / Sep 2018
Date Time Reps Event
7/4/18 1pm Mrs,Ms,M,T 4th of July Parade Eau Claire
7/4/18 4pm Mrs,Ms,M,T 4th of July Parade Berrien Springs Berrien Springs High School
7/14/18 9-1pm Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P July Car Wash Fundraiser 
7/17/18 5:30-9pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Lions Leo Camp
7/25/18 6-9pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Wine & Canvas Fundraiser
7/30/18 6pm Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P  Board Meeting
8/2/18 5pm Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P Live Butterfly Release
8/4/18 10am-noon Mrs,Ms,M,T  St. Joseph Today Chalk the Block Downtown, St. Joseph
8/4/18 1pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Coloma Glad/Peach Parade
8/4/18 4PM Mrs,Ms,M,T Sister Lakes Lion Club Steak Dinner Lion Park Building
8/11/18 9am-Noon Mrs,Ms,M,T  Alzheimer Walk
8/11/18 11am Mrs,Ms,M,T National Blueberry Festival Parade LC Mohr High School
8/25/18 9-1pm Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P August Car Wash Fundraiser 
8/29/18 6-9pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Wine & Canvas Fundraiser
9/2/18 8-Noon  Mrs,Ms,M,T Sister Lakes Lions Pancake Breakfast Club House
9/3/18 11am Mrs,Ms,M,T Lawrence Ox Roast Parade
9/9/18 1:00pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Paw Paw Harvest Festival Parade Paw Paw Middle School
9/12/18 6-9pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Wine & Canvas Fundraiser
9/15/18 8am Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P  Southwest Goodwill Tour
9/19/18 5-8pm Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P Southwest Give Back Night
9/22/18 10-3pm  Mrs,Ms,M,T Harvest Festival
9/24/18 6pm   Board Meeting
9/29/18 1:30pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Apple Festival Four Flags Area Parade Niles
TBA   Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P  Ambassador Dinner