Schedule of Appearances

January / February / March 2017
Date Time Reps Event
 6pm  M,T  Miss Coloma
1/14/2017   8am-noon  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Southwest Leadership Workshop
1/21/2017   8am  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Southwest Goodwill Tour
1/30/2017   6pm  M,T  Board Meeting
2/4/2017   7am-noon  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Mrs., Pre-Teen & Princess Orientation
2/4/2017   1-4pm  M,T,PT,P,MRS  St. Joseph Today Magical Ice Fest
2/18/2017   8am  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Southwest Goodwill Tour
2/27/2017   6pm  M,T  Board Meeting
3/1/2017     M,T,PT,P,MRS  Southwest Newsletter Due
3/?/17   8am-5pm  M  March Read to the Children Month
3/11/2017   7am  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Mrs,. Pre-Teen & Princess Rehearsal
3/18/2017   8am  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Southwest Goodwill Farewell Tour
3/25/2017   7am  M,T,PT,P,MRS  Mrs., Pre-Teen & Princess Rehersal
3/27/2017   6pm  M,T  Board Meeting